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Fuorirotta: the other map of Venice

Fuorirotta: the other map of Venice

Fuorirotta (“Off-course” i.e. “Detour”) is the guide for discovering the ''other” Venice: that of organic markets, parks, places that offer products with a “zero kilometre” policy, craft workshops. "Fuorirotta - The other map of Venice" promotes a kind of tourism in the lagoon which differs from the norm and which is responsible and ethical, and takes the visitor to the historic city, the islands, and also to the mainland at Mestre and Marghera, encompassing 63 activities including workshops, farmers’ markets, secondhand shops and Fairtrade outlets.

But there are also parks and nature reserves and the public gondolas which criss-cross the Grand Canal. The map includes an eco-etiquette which contains useful advice for tourists: visit the city on foot, choose the least busy periods, be careful not to drag your trolley on the bridges because it can damage the steps and don’t impede others with your backpack on a vaporetto or in narrow streets, when there is high water or when walking on the footbridges.

And so the curious tourist is invited to make his or her own unique trip of discovery, following the fountains, from which spring water of excellent quality, in the streets and in the squares: the map encourages the use of public water and the re-use of one’s own bottles in order to minimise environmental impact. Copies of the map are available at the indicated locations and online (www.comune.venezia.it/fuorirotta).

This is a project of the City of Venice in collaboration with the non-profit association AEres-Venezia for Altraeconomia. For more information, write to fuorirotta@comune.venezia.it

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The Fuorirotta map is part of the DETOURISM project, which invites you to discover the most authentic and unusual places in Venice, through a special series of thematic maps of the city and its lagoon.

DETOURISM is an invitation to a different way of travelling, for all those who love to leave the beaten track and the usual touristy places, in search of the most original, unusual and secret aspects of the city.


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