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An etiquette for Venice

Things to remember  when you're in Venice

Enjoying a sustainable trip to Venice, and being accountable for it, isn't difficult. To know more, and find out what to do, see: some good advice for “responsible” tourism in the lagoon city.

Plan your trip

  1. Book ahead. Choose to visit the city when there are fewer tourist, e.g., during November, December, and January.
  2. When possible, choose means of transport to Venice, that pollute less – e.g., train or bus.
  3. Look for eco-friendly facilities and adopt good environmental habits and practices.00

Moving about the city

  1. Clean air... when possible, use public transport. This is never a problem here. We have a very well-serviced, efficient public transport system.
  2. If you need a taxi, only use authorized ones. authorized taxi. Get informed about tariffs.

The “other” Venice

  1. Get a city map and remember that Venice is not only St. Mark's Square and Rialto: discover itineraries that go through the lesser-known areas, far from the beaten track.
  2. Try and find time to visit the Venetian lagoon park, WWF and LIPU protected natural areas, and other green parks around the city: respect nature and enjoy the beauties of the lagoon and the islands, walking, bike, or boat itineraries.

Streets, alleys and bridges

  1. Go up, down and over bridges in Venice, but remember to lift up and carry your suitcase if it has got wheels.  Avoid pulling it over the steps: these types of suitcases wear out the steps and cause serious damage to bridge structures.
  2. Respect the city and help us to keep it clean: don't litter on the ground or throw refuse into the water. Recycle, if possible, use the proper bins, and choose products void of packaging.
  3. Remember that St. Mark's Square and the surrounding area is an open-air museum: there are fines if you picnic or litter in these areas.
  4. Respect the local people: dress in a proper manner, always walk on the right when in narrow alleys; no standing on bridges and when you are on ferries (vaporettos,) please put your knapsack on the ground.
  5. Reduce wastage of plastic bottles, and pollution in the city. Garbage collection is very expensive: drink tap water instead of bottled water. It's good, safe, checked daily and need not remain in the bottle: it's cheaper, eco-friendly, and there is no waste. There is no need for it to be transported.
  6. Make a conscious effort to respect the environment: do not leave your “footprint” by way of refuse or wall graffiti and do not take plant cutting “souvenirs” from natural habitats .


Do not buy counterfeit goods from illegal vendors: not only are you risking your health and that of others, but you are also committing a crime. Apart from being damaging to both buyer and workmanship, uncontrolled/unchecked items incentivize exploitation of the weak: you risk paying  a €7,000.00 fine and your purchases will be confiscated.


  1. Water is precious! Don't waste it: Close the tap when you wash your teeth, shave or have a shampoo. When you leave your room, make sure that the taps have been properly closed.
  2. In your bathroom, replace your towel on the towel rack, and only leave it on the floor when you want it changed.
  3. Save energy: turn the lights on only when necessary, and don't forget to switch them off when you leave your room; adjust the air conditioning or the heating to your needs, and don't exaggerate when using either. Remember to lower or turn off, when leaving the room. 


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